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Technology powers our society, industry and culture. Technology has the power to define our very lives. The pursuit of better technology is one of the strongest motivators in business today.

While many consider technology to be the direct result of engineering and exact science, there is more to it than numbers and precision. Only those technology innovators who succeed in shaping their technology to integrate organically with its human users are truly successful. Often considered “the final 5%”, the actual fit & finish of even the best technological product determines largely how successful a product or service will be in the real world.

Rhinotech focuses on helping technology innovators achieve the perfect integration with the intended user profile. Through thorough understanding of such abstract and elusive concepts as organic ergonomics and human instinct and perception, we help achieve a product touch and feel which can appeal to the intended customer in a way that skilled technical innovators often can’t.

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Rhinotech is active at all levels of technological development, including hardware design, software design, GUI development, 3D model design and ergonomic research.